Hi Mamie Rose

Hi Mamie Rose,

I’ve wanted to write you a letter (well, maybe not a letter per se but at least a conversation of some sort) for a long while now but couldn’t decide on an appropriate or satisfying way to do it. I was thinking about Facebook and other similar avenues of contact but nothing seemed to feel quite right. Between privacy and the needed ability to write long letters, (messenger gives such a small space for responding) it was hard to find a place with the right tools to do the job.

It occurred to me that, for many reasons, a letter would be a great format to use on a regular basis. Also, using a blog post would give us unlimited room to address the multitude of things swirling around in my head, or even yours – if you choose to share.

Once I settled on the letter format, it was easy to come up with a blog name.

You might be wondering what I’ve done with your name. I’ve changed things around a bit, partly to protect the innocent and partly because I had two of you in mind as I was feeling the need to talk. Rather than pick one, I’ve decided to go with two. You would like each other if  you ever met. You both have stories of abuse and you both speak out about PTSD. With one of you, I have an in-person friendship, with the other, an on-line friendship. There are thousands of miles between all three of us but a shared experience transcends all of that. Both of you are open to new friendships and I’m not expecting either of you to turn me down in this new venture/support group. But if you did, I would be more than willing to accept that decision.

The goal always will be to express myself clearly (as clearly as possible anyway)  without  triggering. Hopefully there will be few triggers but there could be many clear-as-mud moments. I already know both of you are on board in regard to avoiding triggers.

The whole issue of PTSD is a dark subject and rather than address it in my normal blog I’ve chosen to create a whole new space for it. It doesn’t seem to go over very well on my book blog, whenever it’s come up. I am passionate about both subjects so separate blogs will probably be a good idea in the long run, anyway.

For now I will sign off as Letter Writer, until I can come up with a more fitting moniker. Feel free to use a made up name in your responses. Or you could use the names I’ve given you.

For now, this blog is on private, invitation only, setting but it could go public at some point; if it seemed like it would be good to share with a broader audience. Maybe keep that in mind in any of your responses. I’m sure you will anyway but just in case…..

Hopefully I’ve covered everything I should in this hello/introductory letter.

Now that I have this part out of the way, I can get down to the business of talking about my angst of the last couple of days. I really need a sounding board of been-there-done-that people.

This whole area of PTSD is kind of a new thing for me in a way, now that memories are being allowed to rise to the top of my consciousness. I heard one of you mention this awhile back – how that PTSD didn’t seem to kick in for you until after suppressed memories were allowed to begin surfacing. Memories are beginning to float to the top for me now. I will fill you in on more soon.

Looking forward to you joining me here…

Letter Writer and Lover of Books





4 thoughts on “Hi Mamie Rose

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! My insecurities were taking a bit of a beating there for awhile! I’m excited about the possibilities for this blog, so we’ll see where it goes.

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  1. I think this is a great idea, too. It will be interesting to try it, anyway. Nice to meet you, Rose.
    So is the idea is that we just comment on your posts? Or do we have the ability to write a post as well?
    I’m guessing I’m Mamie LOL
    I’m not sure about “being careful what I write” (other than not triggering) but in the matter of sharing publically. I think we could continue to invite others to the closed group, but if we end up wanting to make it public I think we could make (another!) new blog and just vet our letters before copying them to there. Otherwise, I think it could be less transparent if we are acting like we are writing to strangers instead of friends/online heart-buddies.
    If we feel there is material worth sharing with the world, we could always collaborate on a book and actually polish, publish and sell it. “The Sisters in Trauma Diary” LOL I don’t expect all that we write to one another will be worth sharing to others, but I think this is a great way to begin the conversation and see what we come up with.

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    1. You make a lot of good points Mamie 🙂 I was remembering our original conversation around and the purpose we had for contact, to be a support to one another. I can see the value in both ideas and expect that as time goes on we will have a better idea about what works and the direction we need to go in. For now we will keep it closed. I would like conversation to be a two way street for those who want it. I have been trying to visualize how that could happen. I would be happy to put both of you on the editing team, if you are interested in sharing that way, so you could write letters too when you felt the need.

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