Thinking about you today

Hi Mamie Rose,

I have been thinking about you all day and that’s made it hard to focus on the day’s tasks. So many thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head.

For one thing – I was thinking about your name, I really like it by the way, I’m not entirely sure why but I do. Maybe, to me, it feels comfortable, safe and approachable,

Originally, the inspiration for your name came from the thought of two friends I wanted to share some of my struggles with.  I wasn’t planning on changing that strategy but a strange thing occurred as I  thought about you today. Somehow, I looked past my friends and you became a person in your own right. I’m not entirely sure how it happened but it did.

So, if the name Mamie Rose doesn’t represent my friends, Marnie and Alexis Rose, then, who are you and how do I explain you to my friends?

Much of my day has been spent pondering this question. In the end, coming up with a description hasn’t been a difficult task. Somehow or other I know exactly who you are. Not that I know everything about you, I don’t. I do know you will gradually emerge as time goes on.

Your description came to me when I was reminded of someone I met in a book recently.  This connection gives you substance, in my mind. Her name is Olena; wise, gracious, loving, perceptive, with boundless patience, and dearly loved by her grand daughter. Olena lives in the Ava Series, book 1 is Path of the Heart. Everyone loves her and I do too. .

If you were to read this story, it would give you an idea of the way I see you. I hope you will read it and let me know if I see the real you.

Here’s a little teaser: for you

There is a magical path through the orchard, right to up Olena’s back door. It would be easy for the casual observer to miss noticing but……. many of the town’s people follow the path, at one time or another, seeking her presence, pouring out their heartaches and dilemmas. Olena serves tea, or whatever fits their preference, listens carefully, patiently, and will have a few loving words of insight to share before they leave with a lighter heart. Her granddaughter is watching all of this, in awe of her grandmother.

Wilma Derksen, the author of this series, had someone dear in mind when she birthed  Olena’s story. The special someone was her grandmother, and I suspect the granddaughter following her around is Wilma.

I admit, on the surface the you two don’t seem much alike at all. The similarity shows up in the heart. The most important part.

I really like who you are turning out to be and I am looking forward to our chats.

Well, I have much more to say about all of this but I think time has run out and I’d better let you go.

Have a restful night and I promise, I will eventually get to the issue that started me on this quest in the first place, I haven’t forgotten.

With love,




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