Helpful Resources

Hi Mamie Rose,

The last number of weeks have been encouraging for me, for a few reasons.

For one thing, it seemed that all of a sudden I was coming across more helpful books, blogs and interviews than usual. It felt a bit like I was being trained for a new job. I’m excited about this because it means this blog has a purpose in someone’s life and the real person behind this (God, Creator of the Universe) is trying to make sure I’m ready to do my part.

This new material also has a positive effect on my life personally. I’m seeing things about myself I hadn’t noticed or recognized before. Healing comes with new understanding  and I’m thankful and excited about what that means for me.

I have more to offer someone else if I’m healthier than I was. I want to be helpful so this is good.

The other thing I find encouraging in this new venture is the response I’m getting from people I’ve been talking to. This level of excitement from others is validating. It seems everyone feels there is a need for discussion on this topic of PTSD.  A greater number of  people are suffering with this than we even realize.

There’s so much more to say about all of this but I can’t dump it on you all at once so I will change the subject and tell you about something else I’ve done today on this site.

One of the most helpful things on my journey to wellness over the last fifteen years, aside from the people touching my life, has been books. I’ve learned so much by reading and it seemed like the book I needed to read would turn up at the precise time I was ready to hear what it had to say. I’ve made a list of all of the books that I could remember reading, many of them are still on my book shelves.

I’ve added a Resource page in the header of this blog for this list of books. I hope visitors to this site will find it helpful in their journey. I would encourage them to take a look at what all is there and come back again and again as they pass through different stages of their healing.

I am believing for healing for the hurting. I’ve experienced it in my own life. It hasn’t been quick or easy but I’m not the same person today I was fifteen years ago. My heart goes out to those in pain and I hope I can help them in some small way.

That’s my prayer, anyway.

On a lighter note. I hope people will also visit my book blog at For the Love of Books

Reading has been one of my coping mechanisms when it seemed like I was drowning in pain. And sometimes I wasn’t drowning but needed a moment of distraction from the business of healing.

In the header of my book blog there are pages for Romance and Mystery. The books listed there are clean and well written, not boring or preachy. Some of them are a fun read and some of them more serious, showing people walking through some of the same situations many of us find ourselves in. I’ve found both types to be helpful. Often there were moments of inspiration or new ideas about how to view life and I liked that.

There are over four hundred book suggestions there to inspire you and more are added regularly. The public library is a great place to find many of these authors. Amazon free books is another great place, That’s where I find most of the books I read. Some seem to always be free and others only for a short time.

I’ve signed up for BookBub,  a site offering suggestions for my specified interests, as well as several other sites.

I’ll get back to you later on how to access some of them.

I see I’d best be going for now, I will talk to you again soon.

♥ Janette

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